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    "...probably the best part about this practice is the ability to reach him at any time, no matter what."

    Jessica L.
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    "Dr. Weinstein is an old-school doctor; in an era of overcrowded medical offices and doctors who don't really get to know their patients, this is a rarity."

    Jennifer U.
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    "Dr. Weinstein will always be my most favorite doctor! He is an intelligent, precise, gentle ob that will ALWAYS make sure you're taken care of on time..."

    Amy K.
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    "I now live in Dublin, and he is still my OB/GYN. The day he retires, is the day I will decide not to have anymore children. I don't trust anyone else."

    Kristina B.
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    "I just had my first appointment with Dr. Weinstein and I have to say, although I love my GP, I like him even more."

    Erica B.


Stephen Weinstein, MD
240 La Casa Via, Suite 1
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Phone: 925-252-5602
Fax: 925-930-8568

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